In the sweet and boisterous, rhyming story, Of Love and Pies, every time the narrator says, ‘I love you’, somewhere a baker bakes multiple pies...

Finally, when the pies are heaped so high they reach to the moon, and everyone is suffering pie-overload, something’s got to give, and an imaginative compromise brings the story to a happy and loving resolution.

​​​McGraw Studios LLC

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OF LOVE AND PIES: Release date, June 1st, 2021 

... As the 'I love you’s' continue unabated and the pies begin piling up, the assumption that there can never be too much love or too much pie is called into question.

With seemingly endless pies accumulating everywhere, the little children’s hands and faces are always sticky, their clothes all have berry stains, and outdoors the kids no longer get stuck in the mud, they get stuck in the pies!