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​… In Sheila McGraw’s energetic, polished mystery The Knife Thrower’s Wife, cracks begin to appear in a long marriage. Julia loves her husband, Austin, whose portrayal as a mean, even sinister, man is spot-on…  

... Julia begins having nightmares and slips into humorous daydreams about how she would react more assertively to people if she had no social constraints…

… Visual lines show how Julia feels “tiny, hairy centipede feet of fear” and capture her house as “a domestic detention unit” in the eyes of a big city resident, and in conversations, characters’ South Texas mannerisms come out to entertaining effect.

—Foreword (Clarion Review)

The Knife Thrower's Wife, a Psychological Thriller/Murder Mystery

​​Not everything is about kids and crafts! Parents deserve a book break, too,

with a must-read mystery or psychological thriller.

And life is too short to have only one genre, so I'm hopping out of the kiddie's sandbox and into the steamy hot tub with my latest novel, The Knife Thrower's Wife a murder mystery and psychological thriller. 

You can get your copy HERE.

In this psychological thriller and murder mystery, Julia Green, a talented illustrator, and devoted wife and mother has been living the American dream in suburban Houston for more than two decades. Lately, however, she has been plagued by sleepwalking nightmares, the first of which features her husband as a knife thrower with scantily-clad Julia strapped to his target. 

Julia also experiences humorous daydreams and she is inspired to interpret her nightmares through paintings of her dreamscapes, to find out what her subconscious is trying to tell her. As she analyses her dreams, she inadvertently exhumes buried secrets of betrayal, larceny, and danger.

Soon, a tragedy occurs which puts Julia under media and police scrutiny, and she must find inner strength and cast off her submissive persona.

With nightmares imitating life, and art imitating dreams, Julia must dig deep to save her sanity, her freedom, possibly her very life.

What Chick Lit Cafe is saying about The Knife Thrower's Wife 

The Knife Thrower’s Wife by Sheila McGraw is a clever, edgy murder mystery.  With a superb sense of drama and a spot-on psychological plot, this book was hard to put down.

I loved the tone of this book, while the plot is dark and takes us into hints of abuse and then murder, the accent is light and charming.  You instantly like the damsel in distress; you root for her when she begins to poke her head above the firing line and stand up for herself.  Sheila McGraw has woven in female banter that makes you smile into this rather dark walk through murder, along with the internal diagnosis of a broken woman’s thought process.  Outwardly, Julia is an attractive, talented freelance illustrator, happily married, mother of two and living in Houston suburbia.  Inwardly, the past has been squashed and the present is overshadowed by dramatic and memorable nightmares.  And the future’s not looking so good.

Not only does this tale have an awesome title and book cover, but also an adept, well-thought-out plot.  Lots of details make it feel very realistic.  I found all the characters well-structured and interesting.  Her best friend and fellow artist Trix, was a great supporting cast member as were her twin children.  The mystery unravels and culminates with a court case that was spot on and very believable.  My favorite line: The mushroom analogy – kept in the dark and fed shit! 

Sheila McGraw has crafted a deeply psychological murder mystery, but has written it with a light tone to soften the trauma of murder; I found this made it an extremely enjoyable read.  

The Knife Thrower’s Wife by Sheila McGraw comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.